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A Hidden Gem - Oxford, AL

Alabama as a whole is known to have a lower cost of living compared to other states.

BUT this does not mean sacrificing quality of living or housing.

On the contrary, it means property in Alabama can have a lot more square footage or land without the discouraging price tag. Oxford, because it has seen so much growth in the past two decades, has had a population change of +45.1%. That means a lot of new houses were built and developers are still keeping busy! Since 2017, the median household income is $57,094. So, the median house or condo value is $143,357. And these numbers keep rising every year. From a March 2019 sample, the cost of living in Oxford is 81.6 (low, U.S. average 100) and included in these statistics is a 10% sales tax. All in all, Oxford is a hidden gem and great for people of all price ranges who don’t want to compromise on housing quality. 

Find out more about Oxford here.

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