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The Covington Team

We are here to help you cover all the bases and find your DREAM HOME! We understand that a home is not just a place but a feeling and we can't wait to help you find that feeling!

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"It was such a pleasure working with Ruth and Robin!! We are already enjoying our new home!''

- Mr & Mrs Morettie

"Our favorite realtors! When you've got the best, one is all you need."

- Mary Halliday

"I am super thankful for you and all of your hard work! You are amazing and very good at your job!"

- Neena Rae

"I highly recommend the Covington's! We have been friends for year. Really awesome people! They have recently helped two of my family members with the purchase of their new home. Could not ask for a better realtor!''

- Randy Burrage

"They are amazing! Robin was so kind and sweet when selling us our home. He really went the extra mile."

- Chantay Walker

"Awesome realtors! So thankful that God's sovereignly brought us together and you guys did an amazing job helping us relocate. We love you!"

- Janet Weitzel

Ruth and Robin Covington were incredibly helpful and totally engaged with my purchase. Always available and prompt to handle any questions or concerns.I've worked with them on several real estate endeavors over the past 7+ years and have been completely satisfied with their work. They work for YOU, whether you're a buyer or a seller. Their integrity and sense of customer service is stellar. I'll always call the Covington Team first. 

- Carlton Haenel

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